Health Services HEALING THE POOR

394,000 kids in Pakistan die before their fifth birthday. 122,000 of them have not made it past their first year of life. Therefore, Pakistan has the third most astounding death rate on the planet, fundamentally on account of preventable sicknesses; 24% of passings are from the runs and pneumonia, while lack of healthy sustenance is the hidden reason for 45% of every one of these passing. Not only this, many of the children and adults suffer from epidemics such as dengue, gastroenteritis due to lack of clean water and lung infections. These diseases, and others, that are effectively preventable and treatable require the right measures to be set up. As medicines and supplies are very expensive and also out of reach for rural inhabitants, facilitation is crucial to make them available. This of course, has to be accompanied by a medical professional for appropriate administration and diagnosis.

There are still very few or no Health services in rural areas of sindh where Al-Madad is located since it?s formation. Its founder/President, Mr. Maqsood Ahmed, began this noble Endeavour with strength of only few villages. To date, Al-Madad has helped more than 10,000 approx. poor patients who live in Mirpurkhas, Mithi, Tharparkar & Nagarparkar that they received free of cost medicine supplies over the past 3 years.

Al-Madad annually caters to 2500 poor families, those who suffer health and education problems. 90% of the people belong to poor families who cannot afford even a few basic medicine cost.? Al madad team has already established its own medical supply section to ensure that free medicines are timely available to those who need it the most.