Education – 2022

Overcoming the Learning Curve:  Post-Flood 2022

The education sector in rural areas of Sindh has been severely impacted by the catastrophic Flood-22. Al-Madad School, which serves over 650 students, has been steadfast in its efforts to continue providing education despite the difficulties. The school has been offering its services for free, but the lack of funding has been a major hindrance to maintaining the quality of education. The flood has not only caused physical damage to the school building and its assets, but it has also made it increasingly challenging to secure the resources necessary for proper maintenance and renovations. This is why we are making a plea to our supporters to help us in this difficult time. With their help, we can continue to provide education to the deserving children in these rural areas and ensure their bright future. We believe that education is the key to success and we need to prioritize it in these challenging times.

“Building bright futures, brick by brick through childhood education”