Illiteracy: A social problem

EDUCATION is the only way through which we can move on to the path of prosperity. But, unfortunately, in Pakistan, particularly in rural areas of Sindh,many children belonging to poor families wander in the streets and waste their time sitting at various places throughout the day. Many rural households do not consider it rewarding to send their children to schools, where they sit for long hours, acquiring reading and writing skills for which they do not see any use in their day to day life. The children themselves are often unable to see the connection between what is taught in schools and their practical lives. Families prefer to put their children to work instead of sending them to schools.We appeal to every educated person to please come forward to make illiteracy rate surely come down.It is not a difficult task but “Pehla Qadam Shart Hai”.#Almadad #EndIlliteracy

Posted by Al-Madad Welfare Society on Sunday, April 29, 2018