Food Support Program-2022

Nourishing minds and fueling potential – the role of food support programs in empowering communities in 2022

The flood in rural areas of Sindh has had a devastating impact on the local communities, leading to widespread economic hardship. The flood not only caused physical damage to homes and businesses, but it also disrupted the local food supply, making it increasingly difficult for poor families to secure adequate food. In response to this dire situation, Al-Madad initiated a Food Support Program in 2022, aimed at providing assistance to those in need. Through this program, the organization was able to support more than 1050 deserving families. Despite the challenges, Al-Madad remains committed to providing critical support to those who have been impacted by the flood. The Food Support Program is a testament to their dedication and serves as a beacon of hope for the affected communities. We hope to continue this important work and help those in need to overcome the challenges caused by the flood and the ongoing economic difficulties.