HEALING THE POOR – (OPD) – Jhamrari Village (Umerkot)

Being healthy is truly is a blessing from Allah and no matter how much we work towards healthcare, it’s still not enough. It’s sad to see that even in this day, there are places where proper healthcare facilities are not a norm. People have to travel thousands of miles just to go and get a checkup. Good doctors and proper medicines are still just a long sought dream for many. One of these places is a small village in Umerkot, named Jhamrari. The population of 600 families stays waiting for when they would receive proper medical facilities and when would the premature deaths of their children by common flu, dehydration etc. end. After their research, the Al Madad team has managed to open an OPD in the village. Alhamdulillah, the people are now getting the treatments free of cost in their own village.

The smiles on their faces are truly a culmination of the support of the angelic people who’s sole goal is to please Allah (SWT). We are progressing and for that it is immensely necessary that such people keep supporting us as that would be what leads to happiness in the people’s lives.