HEALTH – Flood-22

Health in High water: Providing aid during flood – 2022

In the wake of the devastating Flood-22, Al-Madad took it upon themselves to provide medical support to the survivors in the areas of Mirpurkhas and Digri. Despite the limited resources available, Al-Madad set up medical camps in various villages including Nawab Aziz, Goth Rana Saleem, Meerwah Ghanchi & Pathan Goth, in the Districts of Mirpurkhas & Digri. The organization served over 900 families and provided free medicine under the supervision of medical professionals. During the camp, more than 4,500 patients received treatment for various health issues such as skin diseases, diarrhea, chest infections, hypertension, fever, flu, migraine, malaria, and vitamin deficiencies. The efforts of Al-Madad during this time show their unwavering commitment to providing support to those in need, and the impact of their work is evident in the improved health of the community.