Health – Healing the Poor

Medical Camps
Digri, Islamkot, Tharparkar

State of health in rural Pakistan is deplorable. Despite government initiatives and various healthcare programs, the majority of the rural population still does not have access to basic healthcare. This is primarily because of two reasons: Firstly, most primary healthcare centers are located far away from villages, making access difficult for people who have to walk long distances, and secondly, most of these centers are inadequately staffed and equipped.

Al-Madad team has been continuously organizing medical camps in desert areas in order to mitigate the above condition in villages. Through our Medical camps, 1500 families have been facilitated and many cured. Several diseases have been catered to through our medicinal supplies and specialist expertise. Without a doubt due to this substantial support it has been quite feasible for our team to provide the needy medication free of cost at their doorsteps. Nevertheless, we need to continue these efforts in progression every year. We want to enhance our assistance, especially to the restricted areas which are otherwise relatively hard for us to reach during the year.

Please join us and help us in creating a system of continuous medical support in rural areas of Sindh where 100% of the people in need of medical attention can be catered to in the best possible manner.