Make The World A Better Place With School – Another Milestone Of Al-Madad

Umerkot with a population around 1.1 million is a small district and an ancient part of Sindh. Around 600 to 700 families have inhabited this area since umerkot has existed.  Some of the local people voluntarily teach children however unfortunately Thousand of Schools are being run without basic facilities.  In the village Jhamari indiviudals and children want education but inspite of many schools education seems to be literally nonexistent as there is scarcity of resources and followup of regulations. Without uniformity and standard, proper implementation of educational services and progress cannot be attained.

Upon finding out about the dire situation at Jhamari Al-Madad team took up the task to launch an Informal school system for the village’s children. More than 200 children full of enthusiasm and passion for learning have been waiting for this dream to come true. Al-Madad has inaugurated a school from Nursery to Class II with complete resources like books, copies, stationery, appointment of teachers and other relevant material. Alhamdulillah children have been enrolled and started attending regular classes. We are really thankful to our supporters including well-established educational systems, corporate sector & individual donors who made this all possible. Our supporters trust makes us strong and the belief in humanity as well.