President’s Message


Dear Friends,

In the year 2021, your support has been particularly impactful in helping us to educate, provide quality healthcare, water facilitation and food to the most deserving families in rural areas of Sindh i.e. Umerkot, Naukot, Tharparkar, Mithi, Islamkot, Nagarparkar & Mirpurkhas villages. Al-Madad team day by day is expanding their circle of support thanks to the empowerment provided by kind hearted people like you for this important work.This year through generous peoples’ support more than 550 school children got free education & 12,000 patients have been treated through Al-Madad Medical Camps facility.

I am glad to share with you the latest edition of Almadad Newsletter which will update you on the achievements and ongoing work by the team.  As we know nowadays even basic necessities are very expensive and very difficult for poor families to avail. i.e. all necessities in term of education, health, or Food which have become luxuries for many. However, we believe you could be a way for poor people’s survival in critical situations. Al- Madad welfare society warmly welcomes those who have a love for Allah’s people. And this is a platform where you can support humanity in the best ways possible.

Ramadan 2022 is important for the work that we are doing in the Thar-Desert areas. Please remember those people who are still waiting for healthy food, basic treatment on time, education for their child and clean water. Your Zakat will help us to provide them access in these four areas.

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Your humble support could be the key source of kindness for humanity. Every single penny contributed in favor of “Al- Madad welfare society” is commendable. Indeed, Allah Almighty will give the best reward for your generosity!

Thank you, today and every day, for creating lifelong changes for those who need it the most.