President’s Message


Dear Supporters and Friends,

As we step into the year 2024, we find ourselves facing challenges that continue to impact the lives of many. Inflation rates and economic uncertainties have pushed a significant portion of our population towards the poverty line. Business owners are grappling with concerns about the stability of their ventures, while employed individuals are burdened by the weight of daily expenses, rental payments, soaring electricity bills, education costs, and the basic needs of sustenance for their children’s health and well-being. For the underprivileged, these necessities remain intangible dreams.

Reflecting on a decade of dedicated work, I am reminded that our country has faced enduring struggles since its independence, with persistent issues such as poverty, unemployment, economic crises, inadequate access to daily meals, clean drinking water, and healthcare services.

Nevertheless, I wish to express my profound gratitude to Allah Almighty for placing compassionate individuals in our midst. These kind-hearted souls have consistently stood by us during challenging moments, wholeheartedly contributing to our educational initiatives, healthcare services, clean water projects, and food support programs that aim to alleviate the hardships faced by numerous families in regions such as Umerkot, Naukot, Mithi, Islamkot, Tharparkar, Nagarparkar, and Mirpurkhas. Their support has undeniably made the lives of these families a little more bearable. At present, Al-Madad has successfully provided education to over 650 children across various campuses, while our medical camps continue to offer annual care to thousands of patients, ensuring access to quality medicine and treatment.

Our vision is clear. We aim to continue to empower the inhabitants of these areas with good health, skills and education, so we get to see the day when these skillful individuals nurtured by Al-Madad will emerge as the bright future of our country, InshaALLAH, While the path is challenging, it is not insurmountable. With the grace of Allah, we are confident that success is within reach.

In conclusion, my friends and supporters, I humbly acknowledge that I cannot accomplish all this alone. Your support makes a tangible difference in the lives of many innocent children and their families. I invite you to join us in our ongoing efforts.


Maqsood Ahmed
Honorary President