President’s Message


Dear Friends,

The year 2020 has brought upon us an excruciating challenge that threatens all life around us. Like many of you we are fighting this battle not only for our selves, our loved ones but most importantly for those who cannot fight it themselves. My prayers are with all our friends and readers,  for our nation to recover from the disastrous COVID-19 and see new light and better living. Through this message I would also like to reiterate to you to please reach out to us and share your thoughts and ideas for improving our services for the poor. We highly value your expertise and support and want to continuously enhance our initiatives for one purpose- to bring an everlasting change in the lives of the poor and needy. Please do not forget them in this time of crisis and continue your contributions for their benefit. May Allah reward you for your generosity!

“May your charity increase as much as your wealth”.

Who We Are

Al-Madad is a group of professionals from different walks of life who gathered three years ago with a common goal which is to eradicate illiteracy and nurture the complete development of an individual. Al-Madad team began its services with humble beginnings in the year 2014 with the objective to provide free of cost Education, health supplies and Food for the under-privileged families in our country. Our team initiated this project in Saman Goth, a village 35 km from District Mirpurkhas. Al-Madad’s philosophy is very simple, which emphasizes that people in remote areas who live in extreme poverty also need to be connect to the outside world. Once we sustain their basic needs we can help them connect to communities from other walks of life and facilitate their lives for a better tomorrow. We believe in a transition from poverty stricken villages to well develop and prosperous communities. We have successfully accomplished few projects based on our aims to support the learning, physical and mental development progress of children at the village.

Our Achievements




Happy Life School - Goth Nawab Aziz (Mirpurkhas)

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Recent Activities


Goth Nawab Aziz & Jhamrari, District – Mirpurkhas & Umerkot Annual result day is one of the most important functions of a school. It is a memorable event in the history of an institution. It is held and marks the end of the academic year.  At Happy Life School on both locations (Goth Nawab Aziz

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Food Program

QARSHI JAM-E-SHIRIN – Ramadan – 2019 Qarshi Foundation and Al-madad have been associated with a mutual cause which is to bring a difference in the lives of poor and needy people. In Ramadan-2019 distribution of Qarshi Jam-e-Shirin Bottles to more than 800 families in village Jhamrari, Sahib Dino & Goth Nawab Aziz District Umerkot &

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Healthcare in pediatrics-one of the greatest impediments for the poor.   Our country faces the world’s most compromised healthcare which is affecting innumerable individuals both in urban and rural areas.  Weak immune system, inadequate healthcare and lack of proper facilities which can be detrimental to especially children’s chances of survival past childhood and developing to their

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A SPECIAL OCCASION FOR VILLAGE CHILDREN The 12th of the holy month of Rabia ul Awwal is regarded in highest esteem in our nation. Muslims in all communities devote themselves to observing the holy day in their unique manner. People decorate their homes with green emblems representing the special day which is mostly commemorated in

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NEW BLOCK for SCHOOL CHILDREN Jhamrari-Umerkot & Goth Nawab Aziz-Mirpurkhas School buildings are an integral part in the formal & Non-Formal education of the student. They are to be designed and constructed in such a way that will enhance the potential of each student and boost the learning process. It is an important responsibility of the

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INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION AT JHAMRARI & SAMANGOTH VILLAGE District Umerkot & Mirpurkhas Nations celebrate their independence day with great passion, commitment and transformed promise to make their country strong and wealthy. Colorful events are chalked out in a befitting manner to pay respect to those who gave sacrificed for their mother land to give a

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