Computer Lab – Vision for Poor Children

It has become a common belief that technology has no boundaries. At the global level Information Technology is now an essential part of economic and social progress. We should not forget that our economy and society not only involve the privileged who enjoy the use of technology and gain knowledge through it but also the underprivileged who have an equal right to access it. However, as Information Technology is not available in many rural parts of Sindh, the poor communities, especially children remain deprived of this important advancement of life. Al-Madad as recently taken up this initiative by setting up a computer lab in the primary school which was established through donor support previously. The newly setup lab has computers systems and A full time Computer teacher provides Lessons to students aged 8 till 18. Children are taught how to operate computer systems and understand basic instructions in English. Al-Madad team believes that through this proud achievement poor children will get the rare chance to be included in the mainstream of an advancing nation. Nothing else will help the country’s progress more than educating the future generations for the future in time.