Education Support Program

Al-Madad initiated its efforts three years ago in rural areas of Sindh to bring an everlasting change in the lives of the poor. Our purpose, is to help poor children join the main stream of progress like children of privileged families. This involves implementation of educational facilities on a continuum to ensure that every deserving child gets equal opportunity for knowledge and learning. We believe that the journey of selfless service has no end till we are able to eradicate deprivation from the lives of the poor.

The prime location where our efforts are currently concentrated are Saman Goth, sharifabad, District Mirpurkhas and surrounding areas which is home to around 500 families who mainly depend on agriculture for a living. Approximately fifteen hundred children belong to these areas having had little or no schooling. We have recently established a fully equipped computer lab to name a few of our milestones for them. Our latest initiative is to provide education for those who are illiterate through our Education Support Program END ILLITERACY