HOPE FOR A BETTER FUTURE (Muhammad Taufiq – Student)

My name is Mohammed Taufiq Khan I am a student of class VI and belong to a poor family, all my siblings and I work with our Father who is a farmer I started my education when I was 6 years old and now I am 12 and after the completion of primary education in my village Alhamdulillah I am studying in secondary School. I have always believed that acquiring education is extremely important to live a successful life and during 5th grade, I was worried as the middle school for secondary education was situated 20 kilometre away from my house. I was almost forced to quit my studies as my father was already over burdened by putting food on the table and it was extremely difficult for him to pay for my education as well as transport.

It was then I got to know that an organization called Al-Madad Welfare Society is running a school for secondary education and services are free of cost. That day brought a lot of happiness in my life and I will never forget those moments. Now Alhumdulillah I am receiving secondary education in Happy life school project by Al-Madad Welfare Society almost 8 KM away from my house, along with more than 100 children who receive education in Goth Nawab Aziz District Mirpurkhas.

Like Taufeeq a thousand of children have same story but they don’t have access to the education faculty at Al-Madad. With the support of generous people Al-Madad tries it’s best to extend it’s services in such areas like Mirpurkhas village, Umerkot villages, Tharparkar, Mithi & Other surrounding neighborhood. The children living in the rural areas are the same quality of education as children in the city.

“Education is simply the soul a society as it passes from one generation to another.”