Inauguration Child Development Centre

Ensuring age-appropriate child development is crucial for foundational learning and skill acquisition. As children mature physically, their cognitive and behavioral capacities also evolve. While parents, grandparents, and caregivers typically guide this development, our surveys indicate a deficit in such support within rural Sindh. Only a mere 10% of families prioritize child development, largely due to limited awareness amid low literacy rates. Many women in these areas are engrossed in daily chores, such as gathering fodder for livestock or sourcing fuel wood. Recognizing this gap, Al-Madad launched a Child Development Centre in Goth Nawab Aziz, Mirpurkhas, catering to over 50 children. Here, they benefit from quality education under the guidance of skilled educators and the Enhanced Learning Environment (ELE) Program. We extend our gratitude to our supporters; their unwavering trust enables us to serve these deserving children more effectively.