HAPPY LIFE SCHOOL – Jhamrari Campus – Umerkot

In a village where once even the meaning of the word ‘school’ was alien to its inhabitants, today, there are more than 140 children attending school. The villagers of the area had always dreamed of such a prospect where their children would be provided the opportunity to be educated. It has been 1 year since the initiative was taken by Al-Madad and today can see that the quality of education here is right at par with any rural school’s.

It really is a heartwarming sight to see the smiling faces of little children approaching, radiating with the energy and passion to study. The sight is extremely fulfilling and the smiles equally contagious! The attendance strength of girls in the school is really impressive, as is their desire and aspiration to grow up and do something for the village they belong to.

To go and make its name proud.

All of this has only been possible because of the tremendous support of help received from the friends of Al-Madad: people who believe that every child is essential for the collective future of our nation and that every child has the right to not just education, but high quality education. Such individuals are a substantial asset for us and we hope that they continue to assist us in this noble journey to water these saplings and help grow them into mighty fruitful trees. InshaAllah.