The best charity that has everlasting effects

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only created a global health crisis but also created a learning crisis across the world for children and adolescents of school-going age. During the first wave of COVID-19, educational systems in most countries including Pakistan were adversely affected as the pandemic prompted country-wide closures of almost all institutions. School closures and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) adopted during the pandemic forced school management to adopt innovative measures such as online classes and remote learning through WhatsApp groups.

The students belonged to cities had access to the Internet and other alternative learning modalities. But the students that lived in slum areas, their learning process came to a halt.

Do you have any idea about the people who had not even a single penny for their food, their clothes, and then how they could give education to their children? They are living under the below-average level.  In Islam  “Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim”

Those who want to attain knowledge but cannot afford it and have no free platforms. Then we have to provide the ways.

With the Grace of Allah Almighty, Al-Madad Welfare Society provided such free educational institutions that facilitate more than 600 children of underprivileged people with the support of our generous donors. During this critical situation where everyone’s priority is just to save their life, the children of these areas got the education by taking the risk of their lives. Because they can’t afford the online classes like other students. Our staff and school management stayed there to give the home tasks to children and students submitted to them by following the government SOP’s and our respected teachers checked them. Alhamdulillah, their session was fully completed, and bear all the expenses of it smoothly.

But it’s not as easy as just to say. Because it required all the materials that concern the running of an educational system. Without considering any hurdle, Al-Madad Welfare Society established two educational institutions in slum areas. One in UmerKot and the second in Goth Nawab Aziz.

Now, with the full of enthusiasm and new hopes for doing best for these poor people, we have entered the new year 2021. And these students are anxiously awaiting their new course, uniform, and stationary for their new session. If we would not give them, their education might be stopped. And their dreams would not become true.

The charity that have everlasting effects providing knowledge is one of them. This charity gives you a reward even after your death. So what are you waiting for? This is sadq e jariya. Please go ahead and helped us in providing such platforms and required materials.

In Sha Allah we will inaugurate a new platform for primary soon in Goth Nawab Aziz and we direly need the support of all of you.